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            We offer a plethora of services ranging from electrical & electronics to renewable energy, mechanical engineering and product design

            See our Services
          • Electrical & Electronic Engineering

            We offer a wide range of electrical and electronic design services from technology research to the design and prototyping

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          • Mechanical Engineering

            Our level of expertise allows a diverse range of engineering areas

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          • Renewable Energy

            We provide our customers with a wide range of consulting services including solar, wind, and hybrid power systems

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          From Idea To Sketch, To a Real World Prototype.

          No Matter The Complexity, No Matter The Design.

          We’ve Got You Covered.

          MEEE Firm has a brilliant record in responding to complex customer requirements.

          We are the only design consultant company that covers you from idea to a real built product.

          We have recently opened a new dept. that offers Structural and MEP design services.

          In case you have any such needs, you can contact us to help you with your needs.

          WHY CHOOSE US

          Many companies offer you either prototyping and design or manufacturing a product based on those prototypes. MEEE is different;
          we do both.
          Our mechanical engineering design consultants develop highly functional prototypes and help you achieve the apex position in the industry!

          Just bring us an idea, and we can support you all the way from a basic concept to a fully fleshed-out product.
          Aptly incorporating the brilliant concepts of electrical and electronics into existing mechanical systems in order to engender smart machines. Employing sophisticated designs and construction to create completely automated systems through electromechanical engineering. Providing ingenious solutions to problems which involve integrating software, robotics, control systems, and hardware.
          Having teams of agile HW/SW engineers, we are now providing our customers with services in IoT and AI. Our highly skilled team of IoT designers have already provided solutions in a wide variety of industries including automotive, robotic, farming, and etc.
          MEEE is your preferred choice
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          MEEE Services offers special professional, cost-effective and accurate CAD services for both the Mechanical and the Electronic design requests;


          TOOLS WE USE

          altium software tools        eagle software tools        Homer Pro        arduino software tools        solidworks4      autocad software tools        revit software tools      keyshot software tools      KiCAD    Cadence     DipTrace              digsilent          Retscreen          Proteus              Labview           MATLAB       OrCad


          I have been a product researcher and producer for close to a decade and have worked with many good CAD engineers. It wasn't until I got in contact with MEEE Services, that I realized there was another level. Their professionalism, expertise, and efficiency is second to none. If you are seeking to achieve the best results for your project, look no further. I couldn't recommend a better Company!

          Ben White

          CEO at Dome Beats, LLC

          I've completed several design projects with MEEE services from simple to more complicated and have to say that their service is absolutely first class. What started as a thought quickly took shape to become a reality. The company were great to relate to and always very patient and understanding with my ideas, quick to design and offer their feedbacks. I will definitely use them again for any of my design needs if not just for their professionalism, but also for their efficiency to get the project complete. Thank you MEEE for turning an idea into a successful International product!


          Owner at Dockstar Inflatables

          Self-building an innovative thin-film solar PV system was made considerably less stressful with the help of an MEEE consultant who gave timely and helpful design, communication and support all of the way to completion. I recommend them highly.

          Jason West

          English Out There at Free Range English London

          Meee-services has done excellent work for our business, Their engineer Admir played a lead role in designing a solution for our hardware and has advised us on all topics ranging from product manufacturing to rapid prototyping. Over the past year, Meee-services has worked on 3 different products for us. Each project had unique material challenges and considerations, we’re very happy with the work they have done for our business.

          Joseph Paul Silvashy

          Software engineering manager at Gauge Engineering Inc.

          I have long been working with Meee-services and their mechanical design engineers on my design requests. Working with them has been a very good experience for me. Their skilled engineers supported my research and design for making a solar PTC (Parabolic Through Collectors). Throughout the process of my work with them, besides receiving good technical services, I also received their full support for any design revisions that I needed to get my final product design. Excellent work and I would recommend working with Meee-services.

          Matthew Orosz

          Director at OnePower

          I hired MEEE Services for the development of fitness equipment I had in mind and I am more than satisfied with the service they provided. During the whole process, the communication and level of professionally were extremely high and I felt like my product is in really good hands. They developed the product according to all my needs and added some valuable additional input. I am more than happy choosing MEEE Services for this task and will reach out to them if I have any additional need. Highly recommend.

          Anne Meulenbelt

          Business Development Representative at S2M-group

          MEEE provides excellent and very professional services. I am very happy that I chose them for my project.

          Leonid Shafir

          Founder & CEO at Play-A-Maze

          I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Norman and meee-services.Not only is he very knowledgeable, his communication is excellent.He was patient with every aspect of the project and took the time to not only work through the design we had, but to offer suggestions on ways to improve it.

          Kelly Mondora

          President & CEO at Montouri LLC.

          I worked with Norman from Meee-services Company on some PCB assembly projects, Mr. Norman Medi is a professional PCB designer in the industry and he is a gentleman, I would be glad to continue our cooperation with him and Meee-services.

          Rita Chen

          Overseas market department at JA Electronics Co., LTD

          I have contacted to Amery from Meee to design a Class D Amplifier board featuring an active crossover, a jack balanced input, and a Bluetooth module terminal. He did a great job that was far beyond all my expectations. I strongly recommend Amery for any kind of project as long you need a rock-solid experience to achieve that. Otherwise, Amery is a really kind person and he always anticipates what's next, which is greatly enjoyable.

          Josselin Collier

          Food Box CEO & Founder

          I can't thank MEEE enough for elevating the quality of the technical drawing of my product. I was literally knocked off my feet when I saw my work. You exceeded my expectations. Your kindness during our first discussion immediately reduced my anxiety as I'm a new inventor and I was intimidated speaking to a Company of your caliber.

          Suzanne Sinatra

          Owner & inventor at Private Packs LLC

          I have been in touch and worked with Meee-services and their engineering staff. I have been working with Mr. Norman and Mr. Bob who are good and professional designers. They work hard and with high efficiency. I am keen working with their company and provide them with my best services. While being glad for having mutual work with them, I will recommend Meee-services to others for their professional work and good customer relationship.

          Marry Guo

          Sales Engineer at Long Teng Electronics Technology Co,.Ltd

          I worked with Norman from MEEE on a circuit design project. The project was completed very quickly and successfully thanks to Norman's skill, diligence, and dedication. I highly recommend Norman and look forward to working with MEEE on other projects in the near future.

          Arash Hajjam

          Director of R&D Magnelab, Inc

          It is my pleasure to work with MEEE company and always talk to Norman. They are all responsible working partners, I wish to have more and more chance to work with them asap in future.

          Yoyo Zhang

          Sales Manager at Hitip Moulding Company

          Bahm from MEEE was very attentive to the project details. There was a miss-communication of the project details and he took a very good approach of asking very specific probing questions and resolved all of the issues in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Bahm for projects as I am completely satisfied with his performance.

          Anthony DeHart

          CEO / President at Dimar USA

          I really appreciate MEEE for their work and corporate relationship. MEEE provides comprehensive services, as well as a quick response for resolving urgent issues. Meee has always had a good mutual work with our company and with our marketing staff. As a Meee staff member, Norman has always been a reliable partner regarding his clients’ projects as his own. I definitely recommend them for work.

          Nataliya Ivanovna

          CEO at Shenzhen Jia Sheng electronic CO, Limited

          I approached MEEE and spoke to Norman to discuss a number of problems I needed resolving...Norman not only fully understood my requirements and informed me he could carry out the work I required, but he also took time to explain alternative solutions and ways Adobe Connect could be used to get the best experience for my students. Finding a company like MEEE really helped ‘me’ and my company and I would like to thank Norman especially for his hard work and desire to get the job done in a timely manner. Excellent work and I would happily recommend the services you provide at MEEE.

          Gavin MacKay

          Trading Mentor at Argentum FX

          As the saleswomen of PCB manufacturing company APP Electronics, I worked with MEEE company on a PCB manufacturing project. The project was completed very quickly and successfully. Thanks to the good communication, technical skill, and dedication of the company. I highly recommend MEEE and look forward to working with them on other projects in the near future.I sincerely appreciate all your efforts.

          Cathy Yang

          Saleswoman at APP Electronics Co., Ltd.

          I worked with bob from MEEE on a project that lasted several months and I was provided with the best services. I appreciate the work and the perfect communication throughout the project.I also want to give Bob and MEEE my best support. The project was done according to my recommendations and I Look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.

          Anna LeMind

          Owner and Lead Editor at Learning Mind

          Robert working with MEEE company is one of the best engineers out there that I have worked with. He makes the work easier by taking the right decisions at the right time. If you meet an engineer like him, that is like an ultimate education source that anyone should take advantage of.As far as his programming skills, I can say that his embedded programming with C is at an extremely high level and every client will be more than satisfied with his work. I would highly recommend him.

          Kaloyan Nikolov

          Founder at MotivationalVideoEdit com

          I had a good work about solar energy with MEEE Company. The project was completed successfully and I admire them for their dedication and quality service and recommend everyone to work with MEEE.

          Neil Young

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